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Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal

Lasers are very effective in permanently reducing or eliminating unwanted hair and tattoos Although the lasers used for hair and tattoo removal are different, the concept is the same. Lasers are of a specific wavelength, and therefore can be used to “attack” certain colors. In hair, for instance, we attack the dark pigment of the […]

Acne Treatments

Acne (technically called acne vulgaris) is a common condition which affects 85 to 100% of all people at some time in their lives. Most commonly, acne is most prevalent during puberty and early adulthood. It occurs in areas where sebacious glands (glands that make oil to lubricate and protect the skin and hair) are present […]

Breast Lifts

A variety of factors contribute to loss of breast volume (especially in the upper portion of the breasts) and sagging of the breasts (ptosis). Among these are aging, pregnancies, nursing and weight loss. This is often stressful for women, who feel that they have lost their previous shape and volume. While a minor degree of […]

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What people say about Cosmetic Surgery

I love the results!  It’s exactly what I wanted!  Thank you!

Annie Sanders

I am so pleased with the results I got from the tumescent liposculpture procedure. At first, I was a bit nervous about having the procedure done.  I used to be embarrassed to wear a swimsuit in public, or even a fitted shirt because of the bulge around my bra line.  Now I have no reservations about doing the things I want to do because I know I look great.

Kathleen Harris

After the recent birth of my twins, I was very  concerned about the loss of tone and shape of my abdomen.  I never thought I would get my shape back.  Regardless of how much I dieted  and exercised, I could not get rid of my protruding abdomen. I underwent abdominal tumescent liposuction, and I am amazed by the results.  I found the procedure to be virtually painless, and the postoperative period was simple. I experienced an immediate dramatic improvement in the shape of my tummy, and I continue to see improvement day today.  I lost two sizes!  I’m happy with the procedure and its outcome, and would recommend it to anyone with a similar problem.

Evelyn Edwards